Looking for a specific school/team? Scroll to the bottom of the page for the complete list of Class and Conference assignments for the 2022 Spring Season. Classes determine shooting day.

Single-Day Competition For Each Class!

Class 1A
Monday, June 12th

Schedule & Field Assignments: Class 1A Schedule

Class 2A
Tuesday, June 13th

Schedule & Field Assignments: Class 2A Schedule

Class 3A
Wednesday, June 14th

Schedule & Field Assignments: Class 3A Schedule

Class 4A
Thursday, June 15th

Schedule & Field Assignments: Class 4A Schedule

Class 5A
Friday, June 16th

Schedule & Field Assignments: Class 5A Schedule

Class 6A
Saturday, June 17th

Schedule & Field Assignments: Class 6A Schedule

Class 7A
Sunday, June 18th

Schedule & Field Assignments: Class 7A Schedule

Class 8A
Monday, June 19th

Schedule & Field Assignments: Class 8A Schedule

Class 9A
Tuesday, June 20th

Schedule & Field Assignments: Class 9A Schedule

Daily schedules

7:00 AM – Coach registration is open in the clubhouse

8:00 AM – Opening ceremonies

8:30 AM – Competition Session 1 begins (Session 2 begins immediately after Session 1 ends)

An award ceremony will be held at the end of each day once shooting is complete and all scores have been entered.

Practice Schedule


Field assignments and scheduling

• All scheduled times are when teams need to be at their assigned traps and prepared to shoot. Arrive Early!

• After the starting time for each day, all starting and completion times are estimated.

• It is important to be prepared to shoot immediately after the previous team completes their round.

• All Shooters – Novice, Junior Varsity, and Varsity – will shoot 100 targets (50/50).

• Squads for Session 2 must be comprised of the same athletes and squad sequence as Session 1.

• Scores will be posted in the clubhouse and online at

• Fewer then five shooters will be combined with other members from other teams to form complete squads of five.

• Teams should arrive and check-in at least 1.5 hours before scheduled shooting time.

• Coaches must check-in at the clubhouse prior to first scheduled shooting time.

• Athletes must check-in with their team at their assigned field. They DO NOT need to check-in with tournament officials.

• No athlete registrations or substitutions are allowed.

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